Consider less travelled, less explored Shekawati region in your list of future Wheelchair holidays :

Shekawati region, a hidden gen, located in North of Rajasthan is around  6 hrs drive from Delhi and around 3hrs drive from Jaipur. Visiting villages in this region gives you a glimpse of vibrant and colorful Rajasthan. While driving from Delhi, entry to Shekawati could be considered as an entry to Rajasthan.

You would love exploring Mandawa village which was site of many Bollywood movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK and many more. Other similar villages are Fatehpur, Jhunjhunu, Nawalgarh, Churu, Bissau, Rambagh. All these villages of Shekawati region are full of picturesque havilies decorated with ornate frescos.

Like other Indian villages, we should not expect it to be completely accessible for wheelchair users but with slight adaptions and manual help, we recommend this off-beat destination as Wheelchair holidays.

This region was near to Silk Route which brought interest in businessmen. They settled down and built havilies for themselves. To outnumber each other, they started to built huge palatial houses (big mansions), temples and stepwells but with the weakening of Silk Route, businessmen moved to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. They left behind these havelies most of which are empty or are managed by a caretaker.

These havelies built in 19th and early 20th century are decorated from inside and outside with colorful frescos influenced by royal and colonial history, trains, mythological stories from the Ramayana and daily life of the times when these havelies were built, nature and local festivals. The frescos include images of gods, goddesses, animals and the mythological stories from the lives of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Most of the hotels in this region are old heritage buildings so it is not easy to adapt rooms for wheelchair users. However, thanks to some hotels which offer rooms with wheelchair accessibility, this region could be included in your list. Hotel Vivaana Culture has 1 room with which is adapted for wheelchair. This heritage hotel with all modern facilities is a beautiful example of architectural speciality of this region. We also suggest modern hotel Aangan Resort which is wheelchair accessible though it does not have adapted room.

This region is known as open-air museum and should be considered in your list to be explored.