Once a princely state kingdom of Marwar, Jodhpur, is today the second largest city in Rajasthan.

This popular tourist destination among Indians and foreigners alike, should be included in your bucket list of wheelchair holidays.

City has many modern hotels providing accessible rooms with wheelchair adapted bathrooms. Generally, one hotel will have 1 room adapted for wheelchair travellers.

City is also known as Blue city. Thought is not similar to Chefchaouen in Morocco but you will still find many houses with blue color. There are many stories about why houses in Jodhpur  city have blue color. As per some guides, Brahmins (the priests of the Indian caste system) of city worship lord Shiva and this color is

related to him. Others believe that blue color helps as insect repellent while some believe that this color helps in keeping houses cool from heat.

Incredible sights that would add a lasting impression to your Wheelchair holidays :

Meharangarh Fort

Overlooking the Blue city is India’s best preserved forts, Meharangarh Fort.

Built over a rocky hill, one of the most magnificent forts in India contains some of the finest palaces, courtyards and many priceless relics in its museums. This complex was built over the period of 500 years following the foundation in mid 15th century. So you will find different building styles from different periods including the 20th century. Fort is not completely wheelchair accessible due to its narrow stairs and alleys. You should enter and exit the fort using elevator. It will leads you to the courtyard giving you uninterrupted view of Jodhpur city. Depending on your mobility, you can visit other parts of the fort as well.

Jaswant Thada

This beautiful white marble memorial is often described as the Taj Mahal of Marwar. Sadly this site is not accessible by wheelchair, however, it can be viewed from a distance. It is important to note that close to ticket window is toilet facility for wheelchair travellers.

Sardar market

Colorful, vibrant and noisy Sardar market is built around iconic landmark Clock Tower built between 1880 and 1911. In the market with around 7000 match box sized shops and hawkers on the street you will find anything and everything like bangles, imitation jewellery, handicrafts, saris, spices, fruits and vegetables and much more. Your vehicle will have to parked outside the entry gate and from their you will have to use your wheelchair. Be prepared to use your muscle through this crowded market. The sights and sounds of the market much be experienced.

Music festivals

The fort hosts Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) and World Sacred Spirit Festival which usually takes place in February. Travellers from around the world visit Jodhpur to enjoy acclaimed musicians from India and abroad. One has to buy tickets for these concerts, please be careful that accommodation is quite expansive during these dates.

Jeep safari to Bishnoi villages

If you are prepared to board jeep with no seat belt then an introduction to Bishnoi sect is highly recommended. This semi-nomadic tribe is known for their love towards environments. The sect, established by Guru Jambheswar, follows 29 principles. The primary principle is to conserve animals and trees. During this 4 hours excursion, you will also spot wildlife (back bucks, blue bulls and desert fox) and see local lifestyle of shepherds and craftsmen.