Local market visit

Local markets have existed since ages and it seems that these existed since humans first began to trade. Local markets in present times are extension of older era that still continues. In all our wheelchair holidays, we intend to introduce this experience.

Despite increase in online shopping, local markets still exit in neighbourhoods. In small towns and villages, these local markets are a way of life. It is difficult to imagine a festival fever without colorful and busy markets. Markets around temples are quite busy as you can find different types of worship offerings (flowers, fruits, sweets),idols (in bronze and silver), items of daily needs and utensils along with souvenirs.

In all local markets, you will often find a riot of noise and colours, smells of spices and fresh flowers, stacks of vegetables and fruits. The shouting of hawkers, and customers haggling add to the charm.

These markets are excellent place to buy everything from clothes to jewellery, accessories, fruits and vegetables, street food and much more. You also find some of the best local handicrafts !

In Delhi, we suggest visit to Dilli Haat which is a wheelchair accessible marketplace. Artisans from different parts of India showcase regional handicrafts, handlooms, wares and many other handmade products that are not only for personal use but also great as gifts and souvenirs for friends

All our travellers enjoy stop in Pushkar. This small town around a holy lake has interesting market with shops lined across the road. You will find small boutiques selling embroidered clothes, silver jewellery, leather goods, rose products, sweets, decorative art work like miniature paintings, colourful puppets and wall hangings..

Sadar Bazar around historical Clock tower in Jodhpur is worth experiencing. This square shaped market has around 7000 match box type shops that sells anything and everything. You can find shops selling grocery, garments, imitation jewellery, real jewellery, snacks, sweets, vegetables, spices, fabric etc.

A holiday is incomplete without shopping. Indian markets requires patience, endurance and bargaining skills !