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We thank you for taking out time to visit our website on Wheelchair travel in India. Please allow us to introduce ourselves to you.

Welcome to Abled Traveler Program (ATP) :

The seed of Aura Voyages was planted in March 2014 by successful travel professionals. It is a human size business with 20 years’ experience supporting it. Main team leads from New Delhi supported by branch office in the hills at Shimla.

Aura Voyages is recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and is associated with IATO as its member. These affiliations give you a confidence about us as a credible Indian tour operator. With great sense of responsibility we propose ourselves as tour operator for disabled in India.

ATP at Aura Voyages is another aspiring step supporting disability and travel.

Since our start, we had been successfully organising wheelchair accessible holidays for our foreign travelers. With experience gathered over the years we have structured ourselves in a better way. We bring to you a focused website with helpful information on wheelchair travel in India.

Positive change helping to build accessible destination :

India is largely considered as non-accessible destination for disabled travelers. But over the period of time, there has been a great improvement and now perception is changing globally. We have seen a big change happening !! Local authorities and administrations have taken a note about these requirements so more and more places are getting accessible. New buildings like shopping malls, new residential buildings are now build keeping in mind accessibility for all and everyone. Most of the old historical monuments have been made accessible for wheelchair travelers using ramps. In India, you will always find people ready to offer you a helping hand.

Important steps taken for Tailor-made private holidays :

To help us suggesting a perfect program, we recommend you to give us maximum possible information about yourself. We also appreciate if you could share with us your expectations from this journey. All this is helpful to share our experiences based on different feedbacks of our previous guests. Together we can build a suitable program for your perfect family holiday or if you traveling alone with disability.

We have also successfully organised tours for wheelchair travelers travelling in small groups. We are happy to propose completely tailor-made private holidays.

Important features of our Abled programs :

We have carefully studied destinations with special needs. In all our tours for physically challenged travelers we showcase different inspiring aspects of Indian society. Our tours are rich in Indian culture, delicious Indian cuisine and historical monuments with astonishing architecture. Also we highlight upon daily life, colorful local markets, religious places showing spirituality harmoniously coexisting with modern living. Nearly everyone has enjoyed interactions with the friendly animals. No travel is complete without a meal with a local family where it gives a great opportunity to understand distinct cultures. Though India is quite big, we include the best places to visit in a wheelchair.

Attention on accessible hotels :

To make each travel a great experience in India, a careful selection of accessible hotels is must. Our shortlisted hotels are part of International hotel chains or responsible hotels of India respecting their SOPs. Keeping in mind the requirement of every traveler we fully ensure that room meets disabled hotel room requirement.

Successfully overcoming challenge of accessible transport :

One important component to address is non-availability of comfortable commercial accessible transport with inbuilt hydraulic lifts. We have successfully overcome this by selecting low floor regular commercial vehicles like Toyota Etios and similar. We found them suitable for limited mobility holidays. With little help from co-passenger or driver, you are transferred manually from your wheelchair to the regular seat of the vehicle. Multiple vehicles may be used to help accommodate more number of travelers and luggage accordingly. We also have possibilities of providing large vehicles accessible by ramps. Once you are inside on your own wheelchair using ramp and manual help, you can be transferred manually to the regular seat of your vehicle.

With sincere words we promise our special need travelers best of the experiences and best of comfort.

Keeping in mind all the necessities and expectations, we are here to deliver with our existing know-how and the Aura family team. Contact us for FREE information !!

Disability is not a brave struggle or courage in the face of adversity. Disability is an Art. It’s an ingenuous way to live.- Neil Marcus –

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