Wheelchair accessible holidays.

  • 100% accessible holidays
  • 100% wheelchair friendly holidays
  • 100% tailor-made holidays
  • No extra charge for accessible rooms
  • Fair trade tourism

Why Us ?

We care for your needs. Our professional and specialised team takes all necessary steps to provide Wheelchair accessible holidays to our disabled travellers. We provide tailor-made holidays to fit your personal requirement. While you are in India, we are available 24/7. We are competitive and socially responsible.


  • Accessible room guarantee
  • Assistance in Mobility equipment hire
  • Airport assistance
  • Adapted transfer
  • Adapted tailormade holidays
  • Socially responsible

About Us

Dear Traveler

Greetings !

We thank you for taking out time to visit our website on Wheelchair travel in IndiaPlease allow us to introduce ourselves to you.

Welcome to Abled Traveler Program (ATP) :

The seed of Aura Voyages was planted in March 2014 by successful travel professionals. It is a human size business with 20 years’ experience supporting it. Main team leads from New Delhi supported by branch office in the hills at Shimla.

Aura Voyages is recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and is associated with IATO as its member. These affiliations give you a confidence about us as a credible Indian tour operator. With great sense of responsibility we propose ourselves as tour operator for disabled in India.

ATP at Aura Voyages is another aspiring step supporting disability and travel.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission :

Our mission is to curate joyful accessible holidays for all with socially responsible and authentic bespoke local travel experiences.

Our Vision :

Continue to inspire travellers and be among the India’s trusted inclusive travel companies by consistently meeting the evolving needs of our customers, and continue to contribute positively towards our environment and our society.

Our Core Values :

Do what’s right (Accountability, Ethics, Fair trade)

Go the extra mile (Be passionate, Be humble, Give your best, Transparency, Communication)

Encourage inclusivity (Humility, Teamwork, Community building and environment conscious)

Results (Continuously measure and evaluate, Adapt, Improve).

Responsible Travel Policy

Economic responsibility :

Employing local monument guides or city guides (depending on type of tours). Even in case of accompanying guide, certain visits will include local guides as they would be more specialised for a particular activity.

Our tours include city walks or heritage walks or even small treks which employ local guides with knowhow of that particular activity for best experience.

Most of our tours will have one session about introduction to ancient practice of Yoga with a local yoga teacher.

Activities like rides (bicycle rides around countryside and cities) and tuk-tuk rides using local people.

Contributing our bit to Sightsavers India ; NGO taking care of Mentally Challenged people and giving yoga lessons to Visually Impaired Girls.

Whenever possible we take services of NGOs that are involved in tourism e.g. Pink City Rickshaw ride company in Jaipur that aims to provide employment opportunity to women from low income households.

Visiting local families for meals and interaction.

Including stay with locals in form of homestays.

Local craft shops for souvenirs and gifts.

Our suppliers are paid immediately after they have rendered their services to our guests.

Supporting local restaurants for meals.

Environmental responsibility :

Our environmental policy starts from our office and our homes. We use minimum of papers, we do not print unless and until it is essential. Once paper is printed and has served its purpose, it is reused from opposite side either for printing or for manual writing, for office internal use. Once fully used, paper is sold further to recycling.

We do not use single use plastic like plastic cups or plastic plates or even sealed water bottles in office.

To receive our guests at airport, hand written board is used or electronic board instead of a paper paging board or laminated paper paging board.

As a welcome kit, guests are handed over cloth bags which can be used for shopping or to carry small items during their travel in India and later can be carried back home for further use.

Wherever possible, we include tuk-tuk rides which runs on environment friendly fuel (CNG).

For each guest we give stainless steel water bottles that can be used each day for filling filtered water from their hotels before leaving their hotel…this avoids using Plastic Mineral water bottles.

In certain cities we also give option of using bicycles for visits instead of using their accompanying vehicle.

Go green hotels.

Include trains wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint.

Visit a wildlife conservation sanctuary

Social responsibility :

Visit local museums and craft centres including painting schools important in preserving the craft.

Attend local music and dance performances.  

Visiting local families for meals or stays and celebrating local festivals.

Wherever possible involving INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) for walking tours.

Meet indigenous community called protector or wildlife and environment (Bishnoi community in Western Rajasthan)

Learn a craft, like pottery learning or ceramic making

Visit a café by NGO working towards rehab of acid attack survivors.


In each city we have personally inspected numerous hotels to include some of them in our list of accessible hotels. To ensure our Wheelchair travellers don't have to compromise on basic requirement of adapted rooms, we include hotels associated with International hotel chains or responsible hotels of India.

Accessible Accommodation


We successfully overcame non-availability of comfortable commercial accessible transport with inbuilt hydraulic lifts. With little manual help, low floor regular commercial vehicles are suitable for limited mobility holidays. Also we provide large vehicle which are wheelchair accessible by manual ramp. We have not compromised with comfort.



All our tours for physically challenged travelers include accessible visits. We love to showcase delicious Indian cuisine, UNESCO world Heritage sites, mighty forts & royal palaces of Rajasthan, colourful local markets, join local family over a meal, interact with mighty elephant and many more activities to meet your aspirations.





Our destination list includes carefully selected best places to visit in a wheelchair. Each destination like capital city New Delhi, princely states of Royal Rajasthan and city of marvellous Taj Mahal has something unique to fit into destinations with special needs.


Each traveller has his / her own unique requirement, so we believe in offering tailor-made tours. However, you can go through our sample programs for some basic ideas which can further be modified to meet your personal requirements.


For us, each travel is a learning opportunity. At the end of each Wheelchair travel in India, we request our esteem guests to fill a feedback form. Their comments guide us and motivate us to provide better services for our next guests.
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller
  • feedback form - Abled Traveller

Our booking process

Contact us :

 It is very easy to reach us. You can send message through contact form given in this website. You can send us an email info@auravoyages.com if you feel it helps you to express yourself better. Otherwise, you a quick chat on WhatsApp +91 98107 20202 is also welcome.

Share with us :

We love to listen and understand your requirement in detail. Share with us your requirement, aspirations and special needs. This information will guide us correctly. Please go through information given about different “destinations”, “accessible visits”, “accommodation”, “transport” and our “tour packages”. These will be helpful to you.

Find right package :

Based on your information / requirement, we will suggest you a tailor-made package. We can discuss further to modify this package and once you are comfortable, we can share tour cost with you based on specific accessible hotels.

Process reservation :

Once you have accepted our program and tour cost, we will book those accessible hotels with adapted rooms and other services included in the program. It is quite possible that some originally envisaged hotels may not be available as per your travel dates, so we will have to find alternate hotels or might have to even change the itinerary (please be assured, all the planned visits and inclusions as included in originally agreed program will remain same despite any number of changes in itinerary). We will share the booking status with you.

Advance payment & how to pay us ?

Now we would require 25% advance payment (calculated on your total package price). We may have to pay some token money to the hotels or may have to issue your domestic flight tickets (flights for travel within India)…your advance payment would be helpful for same.

We prefer that you pay us by “bank transfer” as it is safe mode of payment. Our invoice for advance payment and final payment will include our bank details.

Final program :

We will send you program based on the hotels confirmed. As mentioned above, it is quite possible that due to hotel non availability, we may have to change the program. Please be informed that that Indian marriages are big business to hotels. Certain dates in each month, as per Hindu calendar, are auspicious for marriages. Some families book entire hotel and this may force us to either change originally planned hotel or may have to change the routing.

Final payment :

We would require final payment 30 days before your arrival in India. It is also possible that there could still be change in program due to hotel booking…though chances are generally less within 30 days of check-in date.

Final document :

After receiving your final payment and before your arrival in India, we will send you final document which will include your final program with hotel list.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to share some frequently asked questions about India as a Wheelchair friendly destination. Incase you still donot find answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us by “contact form” or email (info@auravoyages.com) or even by WhatsApp (+91 98107 20202).

Is India accessible destination ?

With every passing day, India is becoming more accessible destination  for wheelchair travelers. Modern hotels have accessible room, public areas are more accessible and monuments have better accessibility.

What wheelchairs should we carry ?

We generally recommend to carry folding wheelchair as it is easy to transport within India.

Is there any 24/7 point of contact during the tour ?

While you are on tour, you can reach us 24/7 through phone / WhatsApp.

Are hotels accessible ?

All hotels belonging to international chain like Accor, Radisson etc are accessible hotels. They have 1-2 rooms as accessible / properly adapted rooms. Their bathrooms / toilets are with facilities of adapted bathrooms. Hotel restaurants and public areas are also accessible.

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