Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to share some frequently asked questions about India as a Wheelchair friendly destination. Incase you still donot find answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us by “contact form” or email (info@auravoyages.com) or even by WhatsApp (+91 98107 20202).

Is India accessible destination ?

With every passing day, India is becoming more accessible destination  for wheelchair travelers. Modern hotels have accessible room, public areas are more accessible and monuments have better accessibility.

What wheelchairs should we carry ?

We generally recommend to carry folding wheelchair as it is easy to transport within India.

Is there any 24/7 point of contact during the tour ?

While you are on tour, you can reach us 24/7 through phone / WhatsApp.

Are hotels accessible ?

All hotels belonging to international chain like Accor, Radisson etc are accessible hotels. They have 1-2 rooms as accessible / properly adapted rooms. Their bathrooms / toilets are with facilities of adapted bathrooms. Hotel restaurants and public areas are also accessible.

Are hotel rooms accessible / adapted ?

All hotels belonging to International chains like Accor, Radisson etc and responsible hotel chain of India like Taj group of hotels and Oberoi group of hotels have 1 or 2 rooms as accessible rooms or adapted rooms.

Do we get accessible or adapted room during our entire trip ?

Yes, we guarantee you that you will get accessible or adapted room during your entire trip.

Are bathrooms accessible ?

Yes, Hotels with accessible rooms have accessible bathrooms.

Do we get shower chair ?

Generally hotels with adapted rooms will have shower chair. However, we can provide you shower chair for the tour.

Is transport for accessible / adapted ?

In India, we still don’t have commercial tourist vehicles as accessible / adapted with hydraulic lift for wheelchair. However, we have overcome this problem by using low height vehicles which needs manual help to shift person from wheel chair to the normal seat of tourist vehicle. Also there are some travellers who can take 1 or 2 steps, for them we have more transport options.

Who will help wheelchair traveller to get into the car ?

Depending upon your mobility limitations, if you need assistance, then your travel partner accompanying you can assist you. Our accompanying guide and driver would be more than happy to offer a helping hand. However, if you are travelling alone, then your accompanying guide along with your driver would assist you.

Are monuments accessible ?

Monuments which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites are accessible for wheelchair. However, while you travel in Rajasthan, you come across mighty forts and Royal Palaces. Since these are very old structures, they donot have wheelchair accessibility to visit deep inside. However, we can still visit important parts of these monuments. We have carefully studied these monuments to include suitable ones in your program.

What type of vehicles we will get for our tour ?

We generally use low floor sedan vehicles or suitable ones depending on level of mobility.

Are restaurants accessible ?

Not all local restaurants are accessible. However, most of the accessible hotels have accessible restaurants. We include restaurants which we have found suitable for you.

Are locals supportive ?

You will easily find a helping hand in India. Your driver, would be the first person to assist you most of the places.

Will we get guide for visit?

Yes, we suggest to hire a local guide or even better to hire and accompanying guide for whole tour. Accompanying guide is not only a helping hand but will also give you a detailed insight on India and its culture.

Should we book local guide in advance or we can book it on spot ?

Yes, you should book local guide or accompanying guide in advance. If you plan to travel alone and decide to hire guide on spot, it could turn out to be difficult.

Is accompanying guide better than hiring local guide in each destination ?

Yes, accompanying guide is always better than hiring local guide in each destination. If you hire local guides, you will find different guides in each city who will give you explanations / Information about their respective cities. However, accompanying guide will be helpful throughout the tour. He will give information about entire India. You will have better experience with accompanying guide.

Do we pay for entrances to monuments on spot ?

If you plan to hire local / accompanying guide, we will include entrances to monuments in our tour cost.

Is food spicy ?

Indian food is best when it is spicy but it is important to ensure that spice level is acceptable. Restaurants that we use provide you food which has Indian taste with optimal use of spices.

What should we wear ?

It is always suggested to dress yourself conservatively.

What is local currency ?

Indian currency is Indian Rupee. You will find distributers in all the cities to withdraw Indian currency using your credit cards. Also hotels / restaurants accept most of the International cards.

What are good months to travel in India ?

India is quite big in size with different seasonality and weather conditions in different parts of India. You can practically travel throughout the year. Rajasthan which is frequently visited by foreigners is generally good during October to March, though December till mid-January could be cold and may also experience fog in certain parts. April is warm but May and June could be quite hot. July – August – September are monsoon months. With global change in climate, monsoon months donot rain too much. However, April to September gives you benefit of less travellers (monuments have less tourists except during May June when it is school holidays in India) and lower hotel rates. You can choose mountain region of North of India to avoid heat.

Who receives us at airport ?

Our team of our airport representative and drive (along with guide if you book it), will receive receive you at the airport. They will be holding welcome board of your name.